Find Your Voice Workshop for adults

Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your voice is the one that reaches out from your heart and mind, like the clarion call of a bird whose voice echoes throughout the whole forest...

Are you content to hold back when you wish to speak? To withdraw when you wish to share your truth? To hold it all in, when you want to let go?

Seize the moment and live your life as only you can.

Find your Voice – Express Yourself

join us and have fun!

In this day of high–tech living, texting and snap chat, we have forgotten that real communication is about looking at someone in the eyes and sharing who you are.
Here at Louise Hall Performing Arts we value the importance of face-to-face communication and the simple joy of interacting with others in a fun and carefree way.
This course is an invitation to open up, have some fun and let it all hang out.

Find Your Voice – Express Yourself will help you:

  • Build confidence to express yourself
  • Release your authentic, free voice
  • Find courage to speak your truth
  • Engage joyfully with group interaction
  • Get in touch with your playful, spontaneous self
  • Connect with others with ease

Through drama/theatre games and activities our facilitator Louise Hall will take you on a journey where your true self can explore new modes of expression, spontaneity and vitality.

Come and join the fun and learn skills for life!